Welcome to My Tail…

A spot illustration showcasing my abilities in storytelling and animals. Some of my fellow illistrators say, “Not the strongest illustration i’ve done, but it’s cute and whimsical.” The first version of “Welcome to my tail” had some cat and mouse anatomy issues. 
So i had to go back to the original drawing and fix it. Add in a butt to the cat and corrected the mouse’s body. You can see a lot more of my drawing, where i’m strongest at, than my ability to paint. Plus i wanted to add texture to the fur in both animals, adds a bit of visual interest. Again not my strongest illustration, but i love it! 😀
Enjoy the rest of you week everyone, net time i’ll be on track for “Annabelle’s Ghost.” I just had to put the project on hold because of a portfolio review coming up. 

The new illustration. 😄

The old illustration… I cringe just looking at it. 😖

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat…

Really upping my illustration game! Scanned drawing using the Procreate paint app. I wanted to use tertiary colors and texture in the illustration. Odd lighting and worked hard to make sure the shape of each character is clearly defined. It took me a few days to finish and another few days to make corrections. Thanx to the peer group! I can put this down as strong portfolio piece.