4 thoughts on “My little ghost!

    • Good question! It’s about shape. One way is to draw angular shapes on your character. Drawing angular lines makes your character look sick or odd looking. Rounded shapes or lines makes your character look healthy. As for the ghost, i drew angular lines, diamond-like body, and sharpe angles. To make it look abnormal. I’ll do a tutorial on character design. 😀

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      • That was really helpful, thanks. When I look at a piece of drawing/painting etc. Most of the time it makes me feel somehow. After I always think about what part of the art made me feel like that, but the gost figure was a mystery until now :D. Just an example, but this is like the pedofils. They look like totally normal, but you feel there is something wrong. On the other hand, the gost firstly seemed cute, but I felt it scary too, and I couldn’t tell where these impressions came from. 🙂

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