It’s actually good that i screwed up!


The first illustration for “Annabelle’s Ghost” is done, BUT not what i was hoping for. The problem is composition, the protaginist is set in the midde, which is boring. Two, Annabelle is too close to borders and not enough gutter space, areas of art that can be cut off. Thrid, the monochrome idea with the dramatic lighting was cool, but lacked color harmony. The scream text behind her seem cheesy and then you realize it’s all about legibility, you don’t want kids to struggle while they read, it’s about encouraging them. Because of this mishap, i had to go back and redraw the design. If anything, this illustration is an example of what not to do. It’s actually good that i screwed up.

To keep in mind when illustrating:

A visually interesting design and composition.

Color harmony.

Nice value range.

stay away from mixing text and illustration.

Questions or comments, let me know! Until then keep on drawing!


5 thoughts on “It’s actually good that i screwed up!

  1. I think its pretty good, I’m not a professional, but there is one thing. The orange toned background makes me feel like the house is burning, maybe it worth try to use berry tones. Your ghost is lovely, she’s perfect. 🙂

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      • Oh now I understand :D. When I saw your drawings first time, I became a fan of your style, the characters’ lines and the colouring techniques. It keeps my attention, the faces are friendly (not the expression on them, the way you drew them, the rounded shapes makes this I think). When you finish the whole story I’ll definitely read. :). You are probably right about the colouring, Anabell is purplish blue (the ghosts often use these cold colors) I think this confused me. Keep going, I am still curious about your next creation. 🙂

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